Strict Father

Punishment of naughty daughters by their parents is an almost perfect background for traditional stories characterized by very exciting atmosphere and real spanking, tears and crying.

Who are we going to see then?

First is the father, a strict and high-principled man. He¬†forgives nothing for he knows only too well that mercy in such cases does not pay off. After all, he works as a reform school teacher as we have seen in one of the previous movies offered by RGE films. His moral principles are clear and simple: children must be punished for every¬†sin if they are not to end up in hell and it is better to break the cane than to let your children’s characters be broken. We shall take a closer look at how he is enforcing the aforementioned principles in real life.

Next, we have his two daughters, Olina and Zuzana. The former has some problems at school and the latter is getting to an age when young girls usually like to stay out until late. In other words, she is beginning to be interested in boys.

We can see Olina in her father’s study. It is looking pretty bad. Her father is determined to solve Olina’s problems at school once and for all. It is clear from her results that she has been recently paying attention to everything but her school duties. Apparently, her mother’s brushing down is no longer enough either for herself or for her sister. This situation simply requires a firm hand. Luckily, her father is only too prepared to exercise his. It is no use to cry or plead. One day, she will surly thank him for all this. Fist blows are coming down at Olina’s smooth and white bottom. Her father does not care about any cries or moans. And this is just a beginning. The man is – as far as spanking is concerned – real expert and epicure. She has to stand in front of him with her buttocks completely naked and suffer blows from both sides. One look at her face says it all. How humiliating and painful!

She has to bend over her daddy’s knee over and over again until she is completely broken. Her sins are precisely counted, every bad mark included. She is to receive twenty-eight lashes with cane. First five of them with panties still on, but then – Oh Boy! – she has to take her panties off… then merciless flagellation of Olina’s bare buttocks can start…

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  1. sixofthebest says:

    I would like a spanking author, to write a spanking story, about a teen-age son spanking his naughty mother. A son-in-law, spanking his mother-iin-law. A parish priest, spanking a Mother Superior, an office boy, spanking a female business executive. The President of the United States, spanking Sarah Palin. A male student, spanking his headmistress. Yes, these are certainly unusual spanking settings, but would make in my opinion some could spankable fun readings., or movies as the case may be.

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