Mother in Law Discipline

Bare bottom spanking

Sue always thought that Tammy wasn’t good enough for her son, and what that girl really needed was some bare bottomed discipline. So, when she caught her being unfaithful, it was the perfect opportunity to put Tammy squarely under her thumb. Sue decided it was time to teach her daughter-in-law a very painful and embarrassing lesson.

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  1. sixofthebest says:

    I have always believed that mother-in-laws should be spanked, by their son-in-laws. Yes, these female in-laws can be very naughty. I’ve met a few in my lifetime, and if I had my way, a good ‘six or more of the best’ strokes of a swishy pliable stinging cane, on their mature bare bottoms, would have been the perfect remedy for their wicked ways.

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